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The safety of our team and guests is our number one priority. We are so thankful to be able to be back for service and have put together new protocols to ensure a safe restaurant environment when dining with us.

Screening and Service Staff:

• Staff temperatures are taken at the beginning of the shift and anyone over 98.6 will be sent home.

• We have also educated our staff on the proper way to wash hands (with soap and water for 20 seconds) and have been monitoring to ensure adherence and frequency.  

• All staff must be wearing a mask and gloves when serving you. These gloves are changed every 30 minutes.

• We have also encouraged staff to stay home if they show any signs of sickness. They are also required to bring medical clearance from a doctor to come back to work.

High Traffic Items and Table Distancing:

• Menus are made of paper and are single-use. We encourage guests to take a photo of the menu or bring it home for future use.

• Pens and terminals are sanitized after every use. 

• Plastic cups will be used on the patio to ensure no cross-contamination of any sort.

• Silverware will be rolled up and contain an alcohol wipe inside to ensure our guests have means of proper sanitation before eating.

• Tables will be set up 6 ft apart and we will allow a maximum of 6 guests per table.

Adequate Supplies:

• Hand sanitizer stations have been placed throughout the restaurant for both the staff and the guest to ensure sanitation is readily available. 

• Sanitizer spray bottles are restocked at the beginning of the shift to ensure our team can sanitize the table in between guests quickly and efficiently.

• Face masks are also available for all of our staff and all of our guests if they need to come inside to use our restroom. 

What we ask of our guests:

• When approaching our staff for a table we ask to please have a mask or face covering on. Masks are imperative to hindering the spread of the disease and we ask our guests to wear their mask whenever they are not seated at the table.

• We encourage our guests to maintain 6 ft when entering the establishment to use our restroom facilities. You will notice markings on the floor to ensure you can socially distance while indoors and waiting on line.

• If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 please do not visit the restaurant.

In order to stop the spread of the disease, we need to work together and be courteous of others around us.  We will make sure to follow all CDC guidelines as they develop and continue to come up with ways to serve you during these unprecedented times.

Thank you,

Local Source Hospitality